Hushmail Status provides information about recent Hushmail service issues.

Service Issues

RESOLVED / Dec 12: Service outage affecting some people

Dec 12 1:25 PM

We're working to resolve a service outage which is affecting only a small subset of Hushmail accounts. If your account is one of those affected, you will not be able to sign in to your account until this issue is resolved.

RESOLVED / Dec 12: Incoming and outgoing email delivery may be delayed up to 30 minutes

Dec 12 11:12 AM

We're working to eliminate incoming and outgoing email delivery delays of up to 30 minutes.

RESOLVED / Dec 11: Some pages loading slowly

Dec 11 12:44 PM

We're currently experiencing a service issue which may result in website pages loading slowly.

RESOLVED / Nov 26: email address problems

Nov 26 8:48 PM

We are working to resolve problems with email addresses. Currently emails to and from these addresses may be delayed or returned to the sender.

The issues are limited to email addresses. No other email addresses, including addresses, are affected.